Good news! Chile customer bought dry ice blasting machine and dry ice pelletizer!

Last week, a Chile customer who was traveling in China with his wife bought our Shuliy dry ice machines. He was interested in our a series of dry ice processing machines before he came to China for traveling because he has browsed a lot of dry ice machine related information on online pages.

This Chile customer said he loves to have trips in China, and he has come to China for many times with his family or alone. He said China is such a good place that it has many beautiful sites and charming scenery. And he loves Chinese food very much. Besides, by enjoying the wonderful trips, he also can find many business opportunities because he thinks China is in great development and all aspects are improved a lot. This Chile customer browsed our dry ice machine website for several times and contacted our sales consultant by WhatsApp about the detailed information like parameters, working capacity, FOB price, motor power, working videos and so on.

At first, this Chile customer just wants to buy a dry ice blasting machine for cleaning the automobile engine, but he should buy the raw materials(dry ice pellets) and this cost is big. So our sales consultant help him to calculate all the details according to his requirements and budget. After the good communication between our sales consultant and this Chile customer with all the aspects, this customer finally bought one dry ice blasting machine, one dry ice pelleting machine, two dry ice heat preservation boxes and the related accessories.


He said the dry ice cleaning has become more and more popular in his country in recent years because of its convenient and pollution-free. He said he will use the machines he bought when the machines arrived at his place, and if the dry ice machine works well, he will be glad to recommend his friends to cooperate with us. He was really an easygoing and reliable customer.