Why are there many specifications for dry ice?

There are many dry ice specifications on the market. This is because the use of dry ice products is very extensive. To meet the needs of different application fields, dry ice is made into many specifications by the manufacturers, usually in the form of pellets, blocks, and sheets. Users who use it for stage smoke effect production and dry ice cleaning all choose dry ice pellets. Most of the refrigerated transport and cryopreservation use dry ice blocks. What is the significance of this choice? Today, Shuliy machinery will introduce the skills here.

Dry ice blocks 4
dry ice blocks

The reasons for making dry ice with different specifications

Choosing different dry ice specifications can not only make full use of its own functions but also save the costs of the users. Therefore, it is very important to make dry ice into different specifications. For example, food grade dry ice for hotel dishes, the choice of cylindrical dry ice particles will be better than other specifications of dry ice. Because this type of dry ice produces a very beautiful smoke effect, and the dry ice smoke will pop out in a glimpse of it, and will not pop out like a downpour, giving people a relaxed feeling, thus making a better visual experience for the people eating.

Dry ice pellets

The dry ice pellets are columnar granules formed by extrusion of liquid carbon dioxide by hydraulic pressure with the dry ice pelletizer. The diameter of dry ice granules can be adjusted according to customer’s specific requirements. The dry ice pellets absorb heat and produce white smoke, which is sublimated into carbon dioxide gas. It is non-toxic and has no odor and no residue. It has disinfection and sterilization effect and can be widely used in the production of food in hotels and restaurants, which will not change the original taste of the dishes. And it can also give people a warm, romantic, novelty, such as a fairyland and other relaxed and happy psychological feelings.

dry ice blocks

Dry ice blocks with different thickness
Dry Ice Blocks With Different Thickness

The dry ice blocks are made by extruding liquid carbon dioxide by the dry ice block machine, and the thickness of the dry ice can be adjusted. Dry ice blocks are generally with big sizes and have low loss, making it ideal for fresh-keeping and food transportation. If the dry ice is too big to be flexible enough, we can cut it into slices, but if it is not necessary, it is best not to cut the blocks of dry ice into smaller pieces, because the smaller the volume of dry ice, the greater the loss, which will increase the difficulty of dry ice keeping.

Cooling dry ice selected during logistics and transportation generally uses dry ice blocks as a preservative. Therefore, customers should choose the appropriate dry ice shape and size according to the actual situation when selecting the dry ice specification. It can not only ensure the use effect of the product but also save costs.