Dry ice blasting FAQ/dry ice blasting machine solutions(1)

Dry ice blasting machine cleans with dry ice pellets shocking and swashing the dirt by the high speed. The solid dry ice pellets become gas state during the shock blasting. The dry ice pellets expand nearly 800 times in less than 0.001 seconds. Finally, the dry ice pellets sublimate and there aren’t any pollutants except dirt removed after dry ice cleaning. About dry ice blasting, many people still have doubts in many aspects, so our Shuliy machinery summarized some FAQs here for you, wish you have a better understanding both of the dry ice blasting and the dry ice blasting machine.

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dry ice blasting machine

Q: What is Dry Ice Blasting?

A: Dry Ice Blasting is a new type of cleaning method with the advantages of non-abrasive, non-flammable and non-conductive, which is absolutely environment-friendly and can be widely used in many fields. The dry ice cleaning process should use the dry ice pellets which is usually with the diameter less than 3mm or use the dry ice blocks. Unlike other types of cleaning methods, dry ice blasting leaves no secondary waste to be cleaned up and does not utilize water or chemicals in the cleaning process.

Q: How does the dry ice blasting machine work?

A: Before using the dry ice blasting machine, we should put the dry ice pellets into the container of the dry ice blasting machine first. Then the dry ice blast hose will jet the dry ice pellets to the surface of the object at a high speed, and the dirt will crack quickly with the compact of the dry ice pellets. Finally, as the sublimation of the dry ice takes place, it expands in volume 800%, propelling the contaminant off the surface.

Q: Will dry ice blasting damage the surface being cleaned?

A: With our great efforts for continuous researching and studying about the dry ice blasting, our dry ice cleaning technology has been adjusted and optimized so that it can clean both the delicate and rough surfaces. These range from cleaning circuit boards to cleaning weld slag, without damaging the surface.

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dry ice blasting/cleaning

Q: Can dry ice blasting clean online high temperature equipment?

A: Dry ice cleaning is best suited for cleaning high-temperature online equipment. Most fouling levels are lower at elevated temperatures than at ambient temperatures, so dry ice cleaning is a good choice. On some devices, cleaning at high temperatures may be 3-5 times faster than cleaning at ambient temperatures. In addition, after the final dry ice cleaning, the dry ice is sublimated into the atmosphere, so no cleaning residues are left in the equipment.

Q: What is the amount of dry ice used in dry ice blasting?

A: According to our experience, our dry ice outflow is generally adjusted to about 0.5~1.5 kg per minute during the cleaning process, but there will always be pauses and intervals during the dry ice blasting process. We calculate the dry ice outflow of 1 kg per minute and the cleaning pause time by 50%. Then, the dry ice consumption for one hour is about 30 kg.

Q: Can dry ice blasting remove paint?

A: Yes, of course, the dry ice blasting can remove the paint. Dry ice blasting is aggressive enough to remove the paint but delicate enough to protect your investment. Cleaning with dry ice can clean grime, remove lead-based paint, and bring out original detail. Unlike abrasive or chemical restoration methods, dry ice blasting does not scratch or stain the surface. Instead, it uncovers the underlying surface and restores a structure to its original state. Dry ice blasting is easy to control and reaches the tightest cracks and corners without damaging surrounding objects.