An American customer bought the dry ice block machine from Shuliy machinery

Last weekend, one of our customer who comes from America finally gave us an order for the dry ice block machine. And we have well packed the machine and delivered it to our customer.

Dry ice blocks 3
dry ice blocks with different thickness

This American customer searched online for the dry ice machine several times, and he collected a lot of dry ice machine information. When he found about 3 dry ice machine producers on the web pages, including us, he compared and analyzed some data comprehensively. And then he contacted our sales consultant for the details of the dry ice machine, such as the working videos, working capacity, quotation and so on.

Dry ice machine workshop 1
dry ice machine workshop

This customer said he mainly wants to make the dry ice blocks for seafood keeping and transporting. Our sales consultant mainly recommended two types of dry ice block machine, one is with the vertical hydraulic system, and the other with the horizontal type.

Dry ice block machine with horizontal hydraulic cylinder
Dry Ice Block Machine With Horizontal Hydraulic Cylinder
Dry ice block machine with horizontal vertical cylinder
Dry Ice Block Machine With Horizontal Vertical Cylinder

After comparing with the different working capacities and the overall sizes, the customer finally chooses the SL-500-2 model of dry ice block machine, because this model of dry ice block machine is a bigger one that can make the dry ice blocks in large scale, which is very suitable for commercial dry ice blocks production. The yield of this model is twice as much as the SL-500-1 model, which can reach 600kg/h to 1000kg/h for it has two outlets for discharging. The dry ice blocks produced by this machine is mainly for airline catering, preservation refrigeration and cold chain transport industry.

Dry ice block machines
Electronic Cabinet
Dry ice block machine 3
Inside Display Of Dry Ice Block Machine

We are the professional dry ice machine manufacturer and we can provide a series of dry ice processing machine with good quality. Welcome to visit our dry ice machine workshop and cooperate with us, we will be your reliable and powerful cooperation partner.