What are the main advantages of dry ice cleaning?

Dry ice cleaning is a new cleaning method of the modern industry, which especially has an important influence on precision machinery and mold manufacturing. Dry ice cleaning methods have developed rapidly worldwide in recent years. The dry ice cleaning system sprays dry ice particles from the dry ice blasting machine onto the surface of the object to be cleaned by high-pressure air and uses a physical reaction of a temperature difference to cause different substances to detach at different shrinking speeds.

Dry ice cleaning machine
dry ice blasting machine display

When the dry ice particles with a temperature of minus 78 degrees Celsius contact the surface of the dirt, an embrittlement explosion occurs, which causes the dirt to shrink and loosen. Then the dry ice particles will instantly vaporize and expand to 800 times, producing a strong peeling force, which will quickly and completely peel off the dirt of the object, thus achieving a fast, efficient, safe and energy-saving cleaning effect. The carbon dioxide used in dry ice cleaning comes from industrial waste gas, high-altitude air separation and. It can effectively save resources and protect the environment.

Dry ice inlet
dry ice inlet
Dry ice blasting machine 1
Dry Ice Blasting Machine

Therefore, dry ice cleaning is an eco-friendly way that we can use in all aspects of our life. Here we summarized several advantages of the dry ice cleaning to let you have a good understanding of dry ice cleaning.

Dry ice blasting machine 2
dry ice blasting machine
  1. Saving costs. Carbon dioxide is a component of the atmosphere. It is cheap and very convenient to use so that the raw materials’ cost is low. Dry ice is directly sublimated into a gas during the cleaning process and does not cause pollution to the object to be cleaned.
  2. The dry ice cleaning process is dry, which is different from steam cleaning and high-pressure water cleaning. Dry ice cleaning does not damage wires, machine controls or switches. After dry ice cleaning, the possibility of equipment rust is very low compared with other cleaning methods. In food industry applications, dry ice cleaning significantly reduces the likelihood of bacterial growth compared to water cleaning.
  3. High environmental safety. Carbon dioxide is a non-toxic substance that meets USDA, FDA, and EPA safety requirements. By replacing toxic chemical cleaning with dry ice cleaning, employees can fundamentally avoid chemical damage. Since carbon dioxide is heavier than air, ventilation and safety must be ensured when operating dry ice cleaning in enclosed spaces or sunken areas.
  4. Long service life. Unlike sand, walnut shells, plastic, and other abrasive media, dry ice particles are not abrasive. Therefore, dry ice cleaning will not damage the mold, bearing and machinery are not damaged. In addition, the dry ice online cleaning will avoid the mold assembly and disassembly process of accidental damage.
  5. Wide usages. For different cleaning conditions, as long as we replace different dry ice cleaning nozzles can meet different needs. Simple and safe operation, low cost, considerable comprehensive benefits.
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dry ice cleaning