What is the dry ice machine price?

Dry ice has a wide range of uses as a refrigerant. And because dry ice melts to produce gaseous carbon dioxide, dry ice is an environmentally friendly refrigerant. This refrigerant is widely used in food, pharmaceutical, transportation, etc. The widespread application of dry ice has promoted the application of dry ice machines. Therefore, dry ice machines are widely welcomed. So what about the dry ice machine price? In what ways is it affected?

Uses of dry ice

Dry ice is a solid form of carbon dioxide, which is a better refrigerant than ice. Dry ice is extremely cold, reaching minus 78 degrees Celsius. And when melting, it directly produces low-temperature, dry carbon dioxide gas. Since dry ice is converted from liquid carbon dioxide to gaseous carbon dioxide, it has a very good refrigeration effect. Therefore, it will not pollute the environment. Dry ice is widely used in food, transportation, mold cleaning, pharmaceutical, printing, and other industries.

Dry ice application
Dry Ice Application

What type of dry ice machine?

To understand the price of dry ice machines, we need to first know what types of dry ice machines there are. The dry ice machine can be divided into a dry ice block machine and a dry ice pellet machine according to the shape of dry ice produced. As the name suggests, a dry ice pellet machine is a machine that converts liquid carbon dioxide into granular dry ice. Its mold is in the shape of pellets, which can extrude dry ice pellets of 3~19mm. A dry ice cube maker converts liquid carbon dioxide into large chunks of dry ice. These two machines are the two main components of the dry ice machine.

How about the dry ice machine price?

So after understanding the types of dry ice machines, what is the price of dry ice machines? The price of a dry ice machine is not only related to the model of the dry ice machine, it is also related to the size and volume of dry ice produced.

For example, if you want to produce dry ice pellets, then we first need to know the diameter of the dry ice pellets you need to produce. Depending on the size of the dry ice pellets you want to produce, we customize the molds for you. When the machine leaves the factory, we match you with two types of molds. If you want to produce more than one model of dry ice pellets, you will need to purchase additional molds. In addition, we also need to know the size of the output you want to produce and recommend the right type of machine for you. If you don’t know much about the output of production, we can recommend our machine model for you. The dry ice pellet machine has two types single head and double head. And its output size ranges from 50kg to 2t/h.

Dry ice machines
Dry Ice Machines

For the price of dry ice machines, the biggest impact is the output of molds and dry ice machines. In addition, if you also want to buy accessories for your dry ice machine, the price of the accessories also plays a role.

If you want to buy a dry ice machine and want to know about the dry ice machine price, please contact us.